Fraport - Room of Silence


Projet: Fraport - Room of Silence
Forme du bâtiment: Aéroport
Adresse: Terminal 1, Frankfurt Airport
Code postal/Ville: 60549 Frankfurt am Main
Pays: Allemagne
Company Division: Lindner SE | Aménagement Central.Est Allemagne
Achèvement: 2017


Projet: Fraport - Room of Silence

With approximately 61 million passengers each year (2016), Frankfurt Airport sees a lot of activity around the clock. In order to provide a calm place of retreat in this environment, the operating company Fraport created the Room of Silence. This free offer is directed to all passengers regardless of their ideology, religion or ethnicity. The highlight of the otherwise white room is a golden, wavelike ceiling with integrated luminaires. Their light mirrors onto the floor and walls. The centre of the room filled with an oak-wood bench.

Lindner AG developed and produced the custom hook-on ceiling for the Room of Silence. Thanks to a 3D structural surface of the type TOUCHdesign Lunar, the ceiling system unfolds a unique effect, which is underlined by the wavelike arrangement of the ceiling. A particular aura is created as a result. In addition to this, the scope of works of Lindner included the installation of FLOOR and more® hollow floors and coating works on walls and the floor.

Entreprises impliquées

Client: Fraport AG, Frankfurt, Allemagne
Architecture: Architekten v. Törne GmbH + K. Woll, Darmstadt, Allemagne


Plafonds spéciaux
LMD-S - Plafonds spéciaux 80 sqm
Floor coating works
Painter, paperhanging and varnishing works
Planchers creux
FLOOR and more® 50 sqm