Großhadern clinical centre


Projet: Großhadern clinical centre
Forme du bâtiment: Hôpital
Adresse: Marchioninistr. 15
Code postal/Ville: 81377 München
Pays: Allemagne
Company Division: Lindner SE | Cambres Propres
Achèvement: from 2011 to 2013


Projet: Großhadern clinical centre

The newly constructed operating centre of the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitätsklinik offers 32 modern operating theatres. These rooms were tailored to the specific requirements of the many departments centralized in the building.


A subsidiary of Lindner Group, the clean-room specialist Lindner Reinraumtechnik GmbH, was responsible for the fit-out of all 32 operating theatres as well as the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building.

Entreprises impliquées

Client: Staatliches Bauamt München 2, Munich, Allemagne
Architecture: LUDES Architekten Ingenieure GmbH, Munich, Allemagne


Clean room partitions
Operating room partitions 1,500 sqm
Fire Protection Walls 5,000 sqm
Ventilation components
Air grilles 130 Pcs.
Air exhausts 130 Pcs.
Clean room doors
Swing doors 20 Pcs.
Sliding doors 90 Pcs.
Fire Protection Doors 14 Pcs.
Radiation protective doors 2 Pcs.
Operation theater equipment