Quadrum Business City


Projet: Quadrum Business City
Forme du bâtiment: Immeuble de bureau
Adresse: Konstitucijos pr. 21
Code postal/Ville: 09306 Vilnius
Pays: Lituanie
Company Division: Lindner SE | International Projects Contracting
Achèvement: from 2015 to 2016


Projet: Quadrum Business City

Quadrum Business City is a high-quality business campus located in a rapidly growing business zone in the new centre of Lithuania´s capital Vilnius. On a total area of currently 45,000 m², the buildings provide office spaces that create optimal working conditions through sophisticated office planning, climate control and acoustics. Apart from offices, Quadrum offers additional facilities that make working at the campus even more attractive, such as conference rooms, a kindergarten, sports facilities as well as a laundry and tailor service. To top it all off, Quadrum´s concept was drafted with great emphasis on sustainability, which led to it being the first building in the Baltics that was awaraded with BREEAM Very Good. 

Lindner supplied interior fit-out products for Quadrum Business City. These include NORTEC raised floors, LMD-E 200 metal hook-on ceilings and glass partitions of type Lindner Life Stereo 125. The raised floors play a major role in the adaptability of the business areas, providing flexibility whenever tenants require a new room layout. Metal hook-on ceilings contribute to the design of the rooms and also help with functionality through their perforated ceiling panels, which improve acoustics and assist the climate control systems which are hidden behind them. The glass partitions create spatial separation in the open-plan environments for meeting rooms and other places of retreat.

Entreprises impliquées

Client: Schage Real Estate, Vilnius, Lituanie
Architecture: Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter / Arches, Oslo / Vilnius,


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