Terminal 2, Oslo Airport


Projet: Terminal 2, Oslo Airport
Forme du bâtiment: Aéroport
Adresse: Edvard Munchs veg
Code postal/Ville: 2061 Gardermoen
Pays: Norvège
Company Division: Lindner SE | International Projects Contracting
Achèvement: 2017


Projet: Terminal 2, Oslo Airport

Since the extension of the main terminal and the new construction of “Pir Nord”, Olso Airport is capable of processing about 30 mn passengers per year. The new terminal uses its 300 metres in length to house eleven new gates including restrooms, restaurants and shops.

Lindner AG was commissioned with the development, planning and construction of five free-form sales pavilions in the Pir. In order to reduce both the weight and the logistics efforts, Lindner recommended the use of wood instead of steel. The entire support structure, being designed in detailed 3D planning, was constructed with a framework of laminated timber. Over 10,000 parts needed to be milled and numbered for quicker installation. The pavilions organic form was created through a multi-layered convex cladding of bendable gypsum fibre boards that also fulfilled the fire protection requirements. The exterior hull was finished with a structured mineral lime plaster. The interior was cladded with 8,000 triangular, acoustically effective metal panels. They and their substructure are also unique.

Lindner AG was also contracted with other custom solutions in the terminal. Lindner developed and supplied a ceiling system for an area of about 18,000 sqm, consisting of about 1,500 differentiated and diamond-shaped panel types. The central area saw the fitting of further 2,000 sqm of expanded metal ceilings and 7,000 sqm hook-on ceilings. Futhermore, 20.000 sqm of the hollow floor system FLOOR and more® power comfort have been installed. This particularly resilient system is fitted with an integrated heating and cooling system, allowing efficient temperature control even in these open spaces.

Entreprises impliquées

Client: OSL Oslo, Gardermoen, Norvège
Architecture: Nordic, Oslo, Norvège


Plafonds spéciaux
LMD-S - Plafonds spéciaux 18,000 sqm
Planchers creux
FLOOR and more® comfort power 20,000 sqm
Dry Lining Special Systems
Pavilion Constructions 5 Pcs.
Système de certification