Garrard House


Projet: Garrard House
Forme du bâtiment: Immeuble de bureau
Code postal/Ville: Central London
Pays: Royaume-Uni
Company Division: Lindner Interiors Ltd
Achèvement: 2021


Projet: Garrard House

With Garrard House, Lindner were engaged to realise the fit-out refurbishment of 31 Gresham Street in the heart of London: Lindner COMPwood oak veneer baffle ceilings were implemented in the front of house reception to create an impressive ascending curved feature that welcomes visitors as they enter.

The particularly spacious look of the entrance area is enhanced further by Lindner's glass folding wall which is complemented by columns made in-house from LinCrete glass-fibre reinforced concrete. Within the lift lobbies and common areas Lindner's E60 glazed fire rated doors were installed using our FIRAS certified team along with the bespoke lift architraves which include  antique brass panels and PPC over-panels which round off the effect. Although unseen now, Lindner's G40 Floor & MORE system is supporting the oak floor and terrazzo finishes to the lift lobbies, reception and washrooms which demonstrate Lindner's deep involvement in all aspects of this project

Moving out of the common areas and into the CAT A office spaces, Lindner designed and installed a bespoke LMD-TS-100 which incorporated distinctive contrasting post caps which provide an alternative to the formal white office ceilings we would expect to see.  The final piece was the engagement with Lindner to install the steel encased raised floors to these office spaces which eliminated the coordination issues and allowed for a smoother construction process.

Entreprises impliquées

Architecture: Wilkinson Eyre, London, Royaume-Uni
General Contractor: Mace Ltd, London, Royaume-Uni


F0 plafonds métalliques
LMD-TS - «Torsion Spring»
LMD-L - Plafonds à lamelles
Planchers creux
FLOOR and more®
GFRC Columns