HASPA Branches


Projet: HASPA Branches
Forme du bâtiment: Immeuble de bureau
Code postal/Ville: Area Hamburg
Pays: Allemagne
Company Division: Lindner SE | Cloisons
Achèvement: from 2018 to 2021


Projet: HASPA Branches

Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) is not only considered the largest savings bank, but is also one of the five independent „Sparkassen“ in the Federal Republic. Although Haspa is not subject to the regional principle, it is also committed to the non-profit principle and supports various institutions, SMEs and associations with its own neighbourhood campaigns and the "Gut für Hamburg" initiative.

This basic idea is part of the new "Filiale der Zukunft" design concept of the approximately 100 Haspa branches throughout the city. The branches function as meeting places, the employees as mediators and contact persons for the direct neighbourhood. In addition to an open room concept with a spacious wooden table and coffee bar as a central meeting point, the new design concept includes differently designed meeting rooms.

Lindner realised almost 200 semi-open and closed room-in-room solutions in customised design under high time pressure. Thanks to the high degree of adaptability, a customised solution with a high recognition value was found for each individual branch floor plan.

Entreprises impliquées

Client: Hamburger Sparkasse AG, Hamburg, Allemagne


Cloisons vitrées
Lindner Life Pure 620 86 Pcs.
Room-in-room systems
Lindner Cube 194 Pcs.