Cooperation MucBook - Concular


Projet: Cooperation MucBook - Concular
Forme du bâtiment: Immeuble de bureau
Adresse: Bayerstraße 25
Code postal/Ville: 80335 Munich
Pays: Allemagne
Company Division: Lindner SE | Aménagement Sud.Sud-Ouest Allemagne, Lindner SE | Cloisons
Achèvement: 2020


Projet: Cooperation MucBook - Concular

Co-working spaces and new-work concepts have established themselves in our (working) life. Equally the topics of sustainability, resource using and the reuse of products and materials are becoming increasingly important. The reused Lindner Cubes in the interim use project Mucbook Breakout. A 2.500 m² temporary co-working space in the middle of Munich, show how these topics can be brought together.

With the very short period of one year, it was obvious that flexible, pragmatic solutions were needed for the space design that nevertheless offered a good working atmosphere and could be quickly dismantled at the end of the temporary use. The answer was not found in Munich, but in Frankfurt.

Here, three "old" Lindner Cubes were ready for dismantling. The perfect time to start putting the topic of reuse of Lindner products into practice. The modular construction and standard dimensions of the Cubes meant that they could be reassembled one-to-one in their new home in Munich. As a small update, the cubes were visually redesigned by a tape artist.

After a year, it was not time for the Mucbook team to move on; the Cubes were also to be given a new purpose. Lindner's partner company Concular took on the task of finding a new home for the cubes via their online platform for used building materials. Here you can also find other used system products from Lindner for reuse.

Entreprises impliquées

Cooperation partner: MucBook, Munich, Allemagne


Room-in-room systems
Lindner Cube 3 Pcs.