Renovierung Wohnung – Ludwigstraße


Projet: Renovierung Wohnung – Ludwigstraße
Forme du bâtiment: Rénovation
Adresse: Ludwigstraße
Code postal/Ville: 94032 Passau
Pays: Allemagne
Company Division: Lindner GFT GmbH
Achèvement: 2021


Projet: Renovierung Wohnung – Ludwigstraße

The old building apartment is located directly in the pedestrian zone in Passau. According to the wishes of the owner, the apartment was designed ultra-modern. Among other things, 130 m² of our NORIT-TE 30 Therm GF underfloor heating were installed. Thus, in a very short time, it was possible to heat the rooms invisible without the visual impact of conventional radiators.

A real eye-catcher in this project is not only the modern design, but also the special floor coating, which was chosen instead of a parquet floor covering.

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Architecture: face2050 Büro Schätz, Passau, Allemagne


NORIT-Underfloor Heating System
NORIT-TE 30 Therm E
NORIT-TE 30 Therm U