Focus on employee health

07.03.2018 Lindner News Working at Lindner

The well-being of the employees is very important to Lindner. This includes not only general job satisfaction but also physical health. Lifting loads, sitting for a long time, staring at the screen – each of that can affect our health. That is why purposeful training is necessary to prevent physical problems, to counteract or simply to stay fit. And besides that, motion makes us happy.

Now Lindner´s in-house training and health center “pro.aktiv” celebrates ist first anniversary. The figures show the great success of this facility: On average every day around 20 employees take advantage of the fitness center on the company´s location in Arnstorf. Since February 2017, four power-active courses have been held, all of them fully booked. In addition, 590 supervised appointments were offered to test personal fitness and get to know the equipment.

Not only Lindner is pleased about that – also its partners of health insurance companies like AOK, mhplus and DAK. Numerous instructions, measurements of strength and body composition, ongoing support by the expert staff of TZ Eggenfelden, as well as professional equipment characterize the high quality. Just like expert advice in terms of physiotherapeutic measures, which are used in the prevention of back and postural damage.

The modern cardio training devices are available around the clock to all employees of the Lindner Group and are even used for short training sessions during the lunch break. This keeps our employees healthy and fit, reduces absenteeism and increases employee satisfaction.

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