Speculative Application

Spontaneously to your Dream Job

Are you not sure which job is the right one for you? Can't find a suitable job on the job market? Then try a speculative application and simply apply without a job advertisement. After that, we will start looking for a job that fits your applicant profile perfectly and see if we match. Please use the "Speculative Application Installation" form if you would like to apply to Lindner Montage + Service GmbH at our national and international construction sites. Otherwise, please use the "General Speculative Application" form.

Unsolicited Application with Success

A speculative application, also called an unsolicited application or initiative application, is an application without a job advertisement. This means that we do not currently have a job advertised on our website that meets your requirements. Nevertheless, if your qualifications convince us, we will try to find a suitable position for you.

Why Should I Write a Speculative Application?
What Is an Unsolicited Application?
How Do I Write a Speculative Application?
Are Speculative Applications Successful?