Our Vision: A carbon-neutral and waste-free production

The fewer the better: Waste minimalism.

Our Vision: Transforming the Lindner production sites into carbon-neutral and zero waste production sites. With the long-term objective of reducing CO2 emissions and industrial waste in our company, we defined concrete intermediate goals. But before we set about tackling them, we will have to identify the major pollutants.

That is why we introduced life cycle assessments, carried out in accordance with ISO 14040/44, in our production sites. The results of these LCA are the basis for all in-depth analyses and measures which we have started to perform to achieve the targets we set for ourselves, namely to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve the relevant environmental performance.

The successful implementation of eco-friendly and energy-efficient processes in recent years laid the foundation for achieving our goals.

Waste recycling

We train all of our employees on how to avoid and to correctly separate waste. In doing so, Lindner recycles 95% of its waste, therefore generating 4300 t of reusable material every year.


A thermal power station, which is connected directly to our production, generates about 2 million kWh of intrinsic energy from 700 tons of wood dust each year.

Powder recovery

Our solvent-free and VOC-free powder coating system reprocesses 800 m³ of wastewater and recovers 25 t of powder each year.


The Lindner Group supports sustainable forestry and uses therefore only certified wood from domestic forests for packaging (approx. 1,400 m³ of round timber per year) as well as approx. 90,000 reusable wooden pallets from companies in the region around Arnstorf.

Waste heat recovery

The Lindner Facades production hall is heated exclusively by the waste heat of a local 500 kW biogas plant through which we save 70,000 m³ of natural gas each year.


Our solar power systems generate 274 kWp of solar energy – enough to power more than 50 single family houses.

Solar air conditioning

In order to save primary energy, Lindner decided to build a pilot plant for solar air conditioning in Arnstorf. The revolutionary 100 kW facility is one of the biggest retrofit plants in Europe. In 2011, the brainchild of Lindner and the Bavarian Centre for Applied Energy Research e.V. (ZAE Bayern) won the first prize in the category “Air conditioning of industrial buildings”.