A Glance into the Future in the Deutsches Museum in Nuremberg

05.01.2022Lindner NewsGlass-Fibre Reinforced ConcreteFloorsCultural Buildings

Air taxis, interventions in the human genome and artificial intelligence – topics we think of when we hear the keyword future. But what will our lives look like in 10, 20 or 30 years? In line with the motto "Experience the world of tomorrow today", an answer to this question is being provided in Nuremberg, Germany: Since September 2021, visitors to the Deutsches Museum are given an exciting preview of the future.

Tomorrow’s Interior Fit-out

Lindner was involved in this trendsetting project for almost three years including project stages from consulting, surveying and design to execution. For a coherent overall impression, the interior fit-out products also had to meet a number of requirements – products of the future were required in terms of function, design and sustainability. Therefore, Lindner installed the hollow floor system FLOOR and more®, acoustic wall claddings and stairs made of FLOOR and more® arena substructure with monolithic designed LinCrete glass-fibre reinforced concrete elements as cover. A project-specific solution made of Lindner Plafotherm® heated/chilled ceilings provides for pleasant acoustical and thermal comfort within the Museum of the Future: The large-format ceiling elements are a perfect architectural match for the existing exposed concrete surfaces and the modern character of the building.

A Material with Perspective                                                                         

Filigree and yet stable –LinCrete glass-fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) products used in the Deutsches Museum combine both properties. The thin-walled architectural concrete reinforced by glass fibres opens up a wide range of design possibilities: Claddings and elements in complex 3D shapes produced in a monolithic way are no problem for GFRC. For this reason, in addition to the stair claddings, window sills and a large podium were also created from LinCrete in the museum.