Christmas donation "From soul to soul"

18.12.2019Lindner News

Over 40 % of the total population of Romania lives below the poverty line. For this reason, the Hans Lindner Foundation has been organizing a small package donation for children around Satu Mare every Christmas, since 2004.

Fundatia Hans Lindner in Satu Mare, Romania, works with local children and adolescents. A little light in the run-up to Christmas was given in the form of Christmas packages by children from kindergartens and schools in Lower Bavaria, Germany: Christmas presents have been diligently put together in the past few weeks – by children from Bavaria to children in Romania, "from soul to soul".

In the beginning of December, the Hans Lindner Foundation brought a total of 760 gifts from Germany to Satu Mare. The colleagues at the foundation visited the local schools and kindergartens and presented the gifts to children from the villages of Andrid, Dindestiu Mare, Irina, Santau, Chereusa, Sudurau, Ghirisa, Unimat and Ratesti.

Thanks to the help of teachers, children and colleagues from Bavaria, many children's eyes were shining with joy: the packages, carefully wrapped in colourful Christmas paper, remain the only gift for some of the children around Satu Mare this year. Therefore, the joy of the arrival of the parcels was all the greater.

The Hans Lindner Foundation thanks all participating schools and kindergartens, the children and their families and of course the involved colleagues for their help with the organization and for their commitment!

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a successful and happy 2020!

    Video of the Christmas Donation

Christmas donation "From soul to soul"