Fritz Höger Prize goes into the next round

22.01.2020Lindner NewsFit-out ProductsPartitionsDoorsBuilding Portfolio

This year, the Fritz Höger Prize for the best brick buildings will be awarded for the fifth time in 2020. Architectural best performances from this specific building material are honoured in different categories.

In 2017, the brick school building Hessenwaldschule, which was built in a forest clearing for 700 students in Weiterstadt in Germany, received the award. The new building was implemented in a high-quality manner and is an example of modern, energy-efficient German architecture.

Lindner was contracted with the manufacturing and assembling of the real wood veneered stairs and wall claddings in the atrium as well as the fire and smoke protection doors made of wood, being installed into the escape and rescue routes. Furthermore, 100 wooden door leaves, wooden frames and top panels from our own production in Ostrov in the Czech Republic were installed. Regarding the sanitary area, the main focus was on doors with moisture resistance and wet room suitability. In addition, Lindner created various pieces of furniture, including built-in cupboards, kitchens, counters, showcases as well as the central stage of the atrium and mobile partition walls.

Lindner made the building more energy-efficient with its in-house products and thus contributed in winning the Fritz Höger Prize in this category. One example for Lindner’s energy-efficient products, being C2C certificated, are the wall coverings made out of wood, known as Lindner Free Timber. Lindner products are also available with various environmental product declarations.