Having a Knack for Dry Construction

18.01.2018Lindner GroupLindner NewsWorking at Lindner

Good dry construction workers are very sought-after. After all, an occupation that combines a craftsman´s abilities, bodily engagement and expert knowlege in one must be learned properly. The best newcomers of German dry construction fitters once again comes from the rows of Lindner Group apprentices.

The 4 December 2017 was a special day for Rudolf Oberbauer and his trainer Hubert Meier. The Congregation of the German Chamber of Commerce (DIHK) invited them to Berlin, where the best of the 300.000 participants of the final exams in 250 IHK apprenticeship occupations were honored. A total of 213 top-performing apprentices, including Rudolf Oberbauer, were given their awards in the course of a large ceremony with about 1,000 guests, amusingly moderated by Barbara Schöneberger. Günther Oettinger, EU Comissioner for Budget and Workforce, held the ceremonial speech. Sometime before that day, in November, the best dry construction fitters of the German federal states competed in the German Championship of Dry Construction Fitters 2017 in Hamm. After a thrilling championship, Rudolf placed 4th. Oberbauer performed best in his year´s final exams of the summer and autumn/winter semester, both in theory and practice.

The young man from Lower Bavaria knew from early on that he would choose this carrer. Consider his Interview on our blog, Baupause.de (German only). This decision was backed up by competent and cordial apprenticeship mentors, for example in the craftmanship training center of Lindner Group. There, the apprentices began their journey with a four-week course that showed them various craft occupations and the accompanying materials and tools. Smalls teams formed friendships and first successes in practice exercises and workshops. This concept proves its success each year anew, with numerous successful apprentices from the ranks of Lindner Group, many of them having come to stay.

Once more we would like to express our congratulations to Rudolf Oberbauer and his young colleagues.

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