Lindner Lettering made from the architectural concrete LinCrete

04.12.2019Lindner NewsWorking at LindnerGlass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete

For several days now, there’s been a bench placed in front of the main entrance to the Lindner Group in Arnstorf, Lower Bavaria, in the form of the Lindner logo. What’s special about it: it consists of the innovative architectural concrete LinCrete.

LinCrete, the glass fibre reinforced architectural concrete developed by Lindner, is specifically designed for a variety of construction applications. So, LinCrete can be used for cladding and elements with high aesthetic demands – in complex 3D shapes and with different surfaces as well as in different colours. The material is also particularly suitable for project-specific adaptation for flat and differently curved surfaces on facades, tunnels, interior cladding and furniture in public spaces.

In the Lindner production plant for glass fibre reinforced concrete which is located in Padersberg and based in the Lower Bavarian Region of Rottal, a version of the Lindner logo has now been realised in the form of a bench for the entrance to the headquarters of the Lindner Group. The moulds were filled by spraying. The finished product can be admired and sampled since several days in front of the main entrance at the Arnstorf site.

The German market for glass fibre reinforced concrete is growing. In England, working with the material has long been common, resulting in the first order with LinCrete at Bond Street Station, the Crossrail railway line in London. In the course of this project, LinCrete was additionally tested for explosion resistance up to 6 mm thickness. The reduced element thicknesses bring both static advantages and resource-saving construction. Several other projects are currently planned worldwide using LinCrete.