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The surface of a product is of special importance: besides the design components that are visible at first glance – such as the material, colour, design or structure – special demands are often made on hygiene as well as biological and chemical resistance. Lindner offers individual solutions with versatile ceiling and partition systems, for example for the use in hygienic areas.

Lindner surfaces are versatile, hygienic and resistant – even in the standard version. The design possibilities are almost unlimited. In different application areas such as hospitals and laboratories, the focus is also on the health suitability and special hygienic properties of products. Lindner ceiling and partition systems are tested and approved for various application areas:


The powder coating used by Lindner was successfully tested for the parameters biological cleanability as well as chemical and biological resistance. Lindner surfaces verifiably offer no nutrient for microorganisms. Thus, they are also suitable for the use in hygienic areas – the application in clean rooms up to GMP clean room class A is possible. The suitability was tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) and documented in a qualification certificate.

Through many years of use of Lindner coatings in special areas such as operating theatres, laboratories and clean room productions, their resistance to numerous cleaning agents and disinfectants has been positively tested. Moreover, they are hygienic and harmless to health.

Metal Ceilings

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During the transport, installation, use or subsequent maintenance works, the surface of ceiling or partition elements can be polluted by diverse influences. Metal has a decisive advantage compared to other materials such as plasterboard or mineral fibre as its smooth and repellent surface is generally much easier to clean.


Glass surfaces can also be cleaned easily due to the smooth surface. Furthermore, the material offers various design possibilities for individual highlights.

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Clean Room Partitions

A special glass wall cladding is available with tested disinfectant resistance for rooms with highest hygienic requirements.

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