Modern office design with organoid partition systems

08.01.2020Lindner NewsPartitions

The Lindner Group headquarters in Arnstorf were enlarged by another office building. The office space is equipped with high-quality interior fit-out products made by Lindner – including the new organoid acoustic elements.

According to the motto "Rethink spaces", great importance was placed on the employees’ participation regarding the design of their working environment during the planning phase. Based on their respective job profiles, a concept for the room layout and equipment was developed. The areas were divided into four different zones, each offering the appropriate environment for a range between concentrated individual work and communicative team work. Partition systems ensure pleasant acoustics and the separation of the rooms. In addition to the Lindner Life Freeze 137 glass partition system, the Lindner Life Pure 620 system which is additionally equipped with acoustic elements was also used.

A special highlight of the partition wall systems are the so-called Organoid absorbers: The metal acoustic elements from Lindner are combined with thin, pressed natural materials of the company Organoid – such as hay, flowers or lavender. This creates both a natural look and a pleasant feel for good acoustics. Thanks to the new procedure that the Organoid Technologies GmbH applies, the smell of the plants used is retained and has a positive effect on the well-being of the room users. The surfaces are also compatible with allergy sufferers.

Additionally, the raised floor systems NORTEC and LIGNA which are particularly easy to inspect, were installed in the office space. Canopy ceilings of the type Plafotherm® DS 320 with heating and cooling technology on the back ensure the correct temperature control and improve the acoustics. The workplaces are illuminated by floor lamps, which can be positioned as required. Thanks to the interplay of ceilings, floors, partitions and luminaires, a working environment was created that is acoustically mature, well-lit, well-air-conditioned, functional and, last but not least, healthier.