MOL Campus: From Beginning to Completion

12.01.2022Lindner NewsReferences

Under web rubric "Projects in Progress", the Lindner Group provides exclusive insights into ongoing projects: There, international construction projects – such as the MOL Campus in Budapest – are illustrated from the development phase to completion.

Setting New Standards

The MOL Campus in the new Budapest district "Budapart City" is one example of impressive construction projects that are still in the making: The 143 m high skyscraper is considered the tallest building in Hungary and adds a particularly sustainable and modern construction to the skyline of the capital. After completion, the building will operate as the headquarters of the MOL Group, a global oil and gas company. With 28 floors and an area of 86,000 m², it offers enough space for restaurants, a conference centre and flexible office spaces. The light-flooded work areas – combined with state-of-the-art technology for controlling light level, room temperature and view – offer employees the best conditions for concentration and inspiration.

Staying on the Ground

The building's flooring is largely made by Lindner: around 33,000 m² of the FLOOR and more® dry hollow floor system has already been installed. The complete floor system is classified as REI 60 and thus meets highest fire protection requirements. In addition, the cavity floor is acoustically extremely effective and highly resilient.

When building its new headquarters, sustainability is a top priority for the MOL Group – this also applies to the floor: The Institute of Building Biology in Rosenheim recommends FLOOR and more® as a biologically-neutral building material. Furthermore, the hollow floor has a Cradle to Cradle Certified® certificate in "Silver". To complete the project on time, a tight schedule was set up: At times, up to 2,500 m² of the floor was delivered in one week. In addition to FLOOR and more®, Lindner also installs 1,200 m² of switchgear systems for the server rooms of the MOL Campus.

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