Multifunctional System, easily explained

29.01.2018Heating and CoolingLindner News

Lindner Group presents its innovative ventilation unit Plafotherm® AirHybrid for heated and chilled ceilings with an innovative video concept. The basic functionality of the system is easily and destinctly explained through the aid of drawings and animations and it is topped of with a summary of the product´s advantages.

Who doesn´t enjoy grabbing a pen and a piece of paper for explaining the functionality of a technical system? Especially during conversations with customers, this way of presenting facilitates the understanding of the application and product advantages. It is used for example for the presentation of the new hybrid ventilation unit Plafotherm® AirHybrid - an extension for canopy ceilings and closed metal ceiling systems.

This approach is carried over to the product video of Plafotherm® AirHybrid. It is available on, the Youtube channel of Lindner Group, on exhibition displays or on a tablet during a customer consultation - with picture and sound. Available at all times, even without pen and paper.

Further product videos are planned and the video on Plafotherm® AirHybrid will also be available in English soon.

Click here for the video and further product information or have a look at it on Youtube.