New construction of the Public Swimming Pool in Ohlsdorf

05.08.2020Lindner NewsReferencesCeilingsPartitionsDoorsFire Protection

After five decades of operation, the Public Swimming Pool in Ohlsdorf has now been replaced by a new building. Lindner was able to realise parts of the fit-out works.

The Public Swimming Pool Ohlsdorf, fed from the river Alster, was opened in 1927 as an outdoor pool – being the first bathing establishment without gender segregation. The listed cash register building of the complex dates back to this time. In the 1960s, the family pool was redesigned and the original pool was replaced by two swimmer and non-swimmer pools and a children's pool. The indoor one was added to the complex in the 1970s.

Reconstruction and reopening

The operator of the family pool in Ohlsdorf, Bäderland Hamburg, first presented plans for the demolition and reconstruction in 2008. The new building was finally built in 2018 and 2019. Lindner was involved in the interior fit-out works with the following:

  • plasterboard ceiling systems
  • plasterboard wall systems
  • wooden doors, in parts with fire protection

The Public Swimming Pool in Ohlsdorf now has a divisible, 50 m pool, a teaching pool, the bottom of which is adjustable in depth, and a children's pool. The glazed south side can be opened to the lawn.

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