Open Space becomes FLEXup OptiSpace

28.05.2020Lindner NewsPress ReleasesPartitionsHeating and CoolingNew WorkOffices

Hygiene and open space – that doesn't go together: Pathogens spread easy in open space offices. With the FLEXup OptiSpace, Lindner is introducing a concept for the workplace of the future – hygienic, economical and comfortable.

Open space areas don’t go together with the new requirements for occupational safety and the increased need for hygiene. The home office is a useful addition to working in the office, but leads to discontent in the long run: More and more employees complain about a loss of creativity and a lack of team spirit. A return to the individual office is often not possible due to capacity reasons.

FLEXup OptiSpace from Lindner can help here: Users and hygiene measures are involved from the start in the evaluation- and workshop-based planning of the areas. Offices can be restructured economically and without losing workstations.

Floor-to-ceiling LinShields made of glass or coated metal restrict the spread of viruses and bacteria. All surfaces are resistant to disinfectants and easy to clean. Lindner heating and cooling systems work primarily with radiation. Through displacement ventilation, fresh air is supplied via the raised floor or the suspended ceiling and the used air is directly and hygienically discharged through the ceiling or exhaust air grilles.

With FLEXup OptiSpace, the office can remain the anchor point for teamwork, creativity and social exchange.