Optimal office lighting with system and elegance

09.10.2019Press ReleasesLuminaires

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The post cap light system BREL 100 from Lindner impresses with its clear, linear design while enabling a discrete, high-quality integration of light into Lindner post cap ceilings. The system light visibly provides noticeable visual comfort in the workplace.

Millions of people worldwide spend more than eight hours a day in an office. Apart from ergonomic conditions and controlled acoustics, it is also essential for an office to provide adequate and professional lighting. The so-called visual comfort significantly affects the productivity and satisfaction of users. For example, false artificial lighting can be the cause of ongoing fatigue, decreased concentration, and attention reduction. The office lighting should be chosen according to the individual needs and the respective activity. The more demanding the visual task is, the higher the illuminance should be. For example, in CAD workstations.

In addition to aesthetic and visual requirements, the BREL post cap light system also plays a role in supporting the ceiling, thus replacing the post caps with an exact fit. The production of the luminaires in the factory of the Lindner Leuchtenfabrik is project-specific, so that depending on the size of the room, several variants and polygonal arrangements are possible.

The use of high-efficiency LEDs combined with a microprismatic cover ensures optimal VDU workstation lighting (UGR <19) that meets all requirements. Alternatively, a variant with an opal diffuser can also be chosen here as the finishing agent. The BREL light system can be manufactured in dimmable version (DALI), with emergency light or with daylight control. Here, the Lindner Luminaires division offers professional lighting calculations, in which the respective workplace requirements according to DIN EN 12464 are taken into account.

A high priority is given to harmonious luminaire distribution coupled with optimum efficiency in the respective room.

Even a later replacement of the individual components can be easily carried out by minimal assembly work, as the BREL system can be pulled down in a few steps. All in all, a well thought-out system that, in combination with the Lindner ceiling systems, offers real Add.Vantage.