Carré am Schinkelplatz


Project: Carré am Schinkelplatz
Building Type: Офисные центры
Address: Am Schinkelplatz 4
Zip/City: 10117 Berlin
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Luminaires, Lindner SE | Partitions
Completion: 2018


Project: Carré am Schinkelplatz

The Carré am Schinkelplatz offers living and working space in a prime location in the historic center of Berlin. With up to ten rental units and the main entrance to Schinkelplatz, the office building designed by Staab Architekten fits easily into the historic surroundings. All office floors are equipped with high-quality basic equipment and are flexibly adaptable to the tenants' ideas as open-plan, combinations, individual offices or studios. Airy ceiling heights of 2.80 m to 3.65 m and numerous windows with unmistakable views of the city ensure a generous atmosphere on all floors.

Lindner contributed to this high-quality expansion with partitions and luminaires. The office space was extensively equipped with the Lindner Life Hybrid 622 system, which ensures high sound insulation and spatial separation. At the same time, Lindner Life Hybrid 622 offers very high transparency thanks to its frame-less and stand-less design. As an optical variation, the Lindner Life Freeze 137 system with black frames and glued joints was installed in places.

Companies involved

Architecture: Architect: Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin, Interior architecture: Doris Wolfart, Stuttgart, Germany


Wall claddings
Timber wall cladding - Lindner Free 50 Pcs.
Doors for wall systems - Lindner Plus 47 Pcs.
Glass partitions
Lindner Life glass partitions 750 sqm
Doors for wall systems - Lindner Plus 25 Pcs.
Suspended luminaires
LED suspended luminaires 87 Pcs.
Plasterboard partition systems
Metal stud plasterboard partition systems 600 sqm