MHK Europazentrale


Project: MHK Europazentrale
Building Type: Офисные центры
Address: Frankfurter Straße 155
Zip/City: 63303 Dreieich
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Interior Fit-out and Furnishings, Lindner SE | Partitions
Completion: 2018


Project: MHK Europazentrale

As one of the major European purchasing and service groups, the MHK Group is primarily active in the kitchen, furniture and sanitary retail sector. In Dreieich near Frankfurt, the company created a new European headquarters in a 6-hectare park landscape. This includes an architecturally highly sophisticated main building with office space for 420 employees and conference rooms as well as an educational forum that can be used for the training and further education of kitchen consultants as well as for events such as congresses, meetings, concerts or banquets.

Lindner SE has contributed to the construction of the main building of the MHK Group with partition systems, wall claddings and carpentry work. The partition walls consist of Lindner Logic 100 metal walls and Lindner Life Stereo 125 glass partition walls as well as aluminum tubular frame doors. This combination achieves spatial separation, high-quality optics and pleasantly high levels of transparency in the traffic areas of the building. For cases in which more confidentiality is desired, blinds were integrated into the glass partitions, which can be shut down if necessary and automatically open in case of fire thanks to networking with the fire alarm system. For optimum acoustics in the premises, acoustically effective wall claddings with fabric cover were installed by Lindner at many points in the office space. In addition, various special furniture was created as a carpenter's work, including benches with upholstery, sofas, built-in shelves and under-ward wardrobes and frame borders for windows. Likewise, anti-glare roller blinds and curtains as well as door elements with various requirements were included in the scope of services.

Companies involved

Client: MHK Group AG, Dreieich, Germany
Architecture: Albert Speer & Partner GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany


Wall claddings 1,650 sqm
Built-in fixtures
Freestanding furniture
Door and gate systems
Doors 15 Pcs.
Carpenter works
Window frames 50 Pcs.
Glass partitions
Lindner Life glass partitions 600 Pcs.
Doors for wall systems - Lindner Plus 120 Pcs.
Accessories for wall systems - Lindner Plus 120 Pcs.