Max Planck Institute - New precision laboratory


Project: Max Planck Institute - New precision laboratory
Building Type: Научно-исследовательские корпуса / Лаборатории
Address: Heisenbergstraße 5
Zip/City: 70569 Stuttgart
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Ceilings, Lindner SE | Floors
Completion: 2011


Project: Max Planck Institute - New precision laboratory

The precision laboratory of the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart houses scientists who are concerned with researching conductive properties of solid states. The demanding electromagnetic sensibility posed a challenge for all parties involved in the new construction. Lindner delivered and installed raised floors for the whole area of the laboratory, as well as heating and cooling ceiling systems, which are equipped with a magnetic grid, for the single boxes of the lab.

Companies involved

Client: YIT Germany GmbH Niederlassung Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Architecture: Hammeskrause Architekten, Stuttgart, Germany


Heated and chilled metal ceilings
Plafotherm® K - Cassette ceilings
Raised floor systems
NORTEC 805 sqm