Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building together more effectively through digitisation

Create 3D models as well as incorporate and consistently apply the entire procedural and technical infrastructure: With Building Information Modelling (BIM), we support the construction of transparent and efficient buildings – with a clear view to economic potential. With the help of virtual building models based entirely on the open IFC standard, data from construction planning, execution and facility management are combined. The building will be first digitally mapped, simulated and qualitatively verified before being built in reality – because the trend towards digitalisation is also becoming increasingly relevant in the construction sector.

Why building with bim methods?

  • more precise planning, performance specifications and cost estimates 
  • reduction of risks
  • increased transparency and acceptance
  • early networking
  • close cooperation and communication between all involved

a clear goal in sight

BIM virtually maps the entire life cycle of a construction project: from designing and planning a new building to constructing, operating and demolishing of the same building. We enable you to work innovatively – thanks to virtual plans, process control as well as comprehensive databases and 3D to 5D building models. The focus of BIM is always on raising savings potentials and transferring the comprehensive data in a meaningful way for operation with the help of an as-built model. +#

What is Required for This – Requirements of a Value-creating BIM Methodology:

  • clearly defined interfaces and framework conditions
  • close cooperation
  • team-oriented planning 
  • definition of roles and responsibilities
  • exchange of compatible data between stakeholders