Building Certification

Good advice for green buildings

Lindner's teams of in-house experts, e. g. DGNB Consultant and LEED Green Associate, provide professional support from the planning stage to certification. We are able to carry out all green building management processes. In doing so, we can keep expensive and time-consuming interfaces to a minimum.

Are you undecided as to whether you need to certify your building and, if so, to what extent? Our PreCheck service gives you detailed information about the certification potential of your building.

Sustainable deconstruction and project management services

  • establishing an individual green building concept in the planning phase
  • creation and continuous updating of an integrated quality and safety management plan
  • fulfilment of project-related material requirements
  • documentation of relevant material properties according to the chosen certification
  • verification by Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and in-depth self-declarations
  • material control for maximum safety, from planning to certification
  • development and implementation of a disposal and recycling concept for on-site waste 
  • evaluation and monitoring of the disposal company and method of disposal
  • updating and enforcement of certification guidelines on the construction site

DGNB Building Certification

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) evaluates the life cycle of a building, from the production of raw materials to the recyclability of materials if the building is demolished. 

The DGNB has developed various certification schemes for all types of buildings based on 36 criteria. These weighted criteria rate buildings as Certified (only for existing buildings), Silver, Gold or Platinum.

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LEED Building Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification system is world renowned. Initially developed in the USA, it was introduced to the market in 1998.

Participating builders and project managers must fulfil eight prerequisites that are given in five categories. There is then another option to earn extra credits, to a maximum of 110, for other relevant criteria. These credits will result in a Silver, Gold or Platinum rating.

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BREEAM Building Certification

BREEAM, which stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, is the oldest and most widely used certification system for green buildings. First conceived in 1990 in the UK, BREEAM awards a four-level quality seal based on a simple scoring system that covers eight evaluation categories. These criteria assess the edifice’s effect on the global, regional and local environment, as well as the materials’ influence on the interior architecture of the building.

BREEAM is used to address the construction phases, from planning and implementation to the building’s operation. The system has since been updated to include the project’s life cycle, and it has also introduced new mandatory criteria to re-evaluate the environmental impact of the building.

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BNB Building Certification

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development has devised a second German certification standard with BNB, which has been specially adapted for federal buildings. The criteria and underlying technical rules and standards are based on the DGNB system.

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For a Sustainable Future

As a product supplier and full-service provider, we convince you with our extensive portfolio of products and services and support you in every phase of your building project, from the determination of requirements to documentation – whether new buildings or renovations:

"Knowing where we stand."

With our actions, we are taking another step towards a green, climate-neutral Germany. An important aspect here is the striving for a closed material cycle – in line with the idea of the circular economy: This also includes the reprocessing of used products into new systems, as in the case of our raised floors LOOP and LOOP prime.

  • extension of the utilisation phase or reuse of used products
  • separation by type at the end of the service life
  • avoidance of waste, toxic substances and environmental pollution
  • complete recycling of all materials

The Cradle-to-Cradle Concept

Meeting tomorrow's requirements today thanks to Green Building Standards and Cradle to Cradle® Certified product certification: Lindner has been paying attention to the use of ecologically safe raw materials, the use of renewable energies and closed material cycles or recycling in production for years. This is evident, for example, in our NORTEC aurum and LOOP aurum raised floor panels and LMD metal ceilings: At the beginning of 2022, the products received the C2C Certified® Gold award for the first time worldwide. In addition, other products such as the Lindner Life glass partitions have already been awarded Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. Besides C2C Certified®, many of our products are also LEED or BREEAM compliant.

Put your trust in Lindner for your green building project. Get in touch with us!

If you would like to find out more about the Lindner Group's measures on the area of sustainability in the company, in our production and in construction projects, you can find practical information and examples in our ADD.VANTAGE MODULES.