Fit-out of the DIN Building according to Lean Construction Methods

20.04.2022Lindner NewsLean Construction Management

The German Institute for Standardisation e. V. (DIN) had its headquarters in Berlin completely refurbished: The Lindner Group realised the fit-out of the office worlds and ensured smooth project execution according to Lean Construction philosophy.

Scheduled from Start to Finish

Lean Construction Management is an agile project management system that promotes communication between the planning teams, maps processes transparently and reduces delays in the flow of information. In concrete terms, this means viewing the entire project as a process with many individual steps and yet not losing sight of the big picture. The goal is to uncover and eliminate waste, as well as to achieve trouble-free installation processes, a high quality of execution, and schedule and cost reliability.

Thus, the basics are first worked out together with those involved in a planning meeting a few weeks before the start of construction ‒ here the resources are distributed, the project is divided into individual process steps and milestones are set. The exact sequence of operations depends on the individual requirements and the circumstances of the construction project. After sufficient preliminary planning, the assembly starts: In this process, regular cycle meetings are held in which the progress of the project is monitored. Therefore, difficulties are identified at an early stage and quickly solved.

Step by Step to Success

The Lindner Group has already completed numerous projects using Lean Construction methods: The first project was the fit-out of an AIDA cruise ship in 2010, after which Lean Construction Management was implemented at the headquarters in Arnstorf and expanded more and more over the years. Today, the methods are applied in numerous large-scale projects and selected small-scale projects.

High Standards

Another Lean Construction project is the DIN building: the German Institute for Standardisation is the contact point for norms and standards throughout Germany. In line with its long-standing existence, the institution decided to completely renovate its headquarters on Burggrafenstraße in Berlin. Lindner was already involved in the planning phase and was ultimately awarded the contract for the fit-out of the office worlds as well as for the handling of the building services, electrical trades and building automation. In addition, the Linder Group delivered numerous systems: among other things, heating and cooling elements, acoustically optimised wall panels, doors and glass partitions were installed. The aim was to support the internal change of the organisation with the appropriate structural conditions. In addition to high design standards, the focus was therefore primarily on spatial comfort and efficient functionality.

Thanks to Lean Construction Management, the project, including the challenges that a complete refurbishment entails, was successfully mastered. The collaborative and transparent planning and management enabled a smooth and timely completion.