Lindner Flexshell is Innovation of the Year!

10.03.2022Lindner NewsPress ReleasesRoom-in-RoomLindner Press

With the "Best Workspaces" award, the publisher Callwey honours exciting projects and solutions for modern office concepts and intelligent working environments. The aim is to provide planners, manufacturers and decision-makers in the sector with an overview of the best innovations in the world of office landscapes. In addition to the „Best Workspaces“, a jury decision also determined the Solutions of the Year in eight categories – from the hygiene concept category and noise protection to the technical equipment and innovation of the year categories.

What will the Workplace of the Future look like?

Offices have become increasingly flexible, agile and digital in recent years – because our working world is becoming more complex day by day. In this context, it is becoming increasingly important to use office design to support collaboration and the well-being of employees in their everyday working lives. The workplace should always serve the user as a retreat and individual space – and thus be able to adapt to "New Work" concepts.

"The Way we Work" – the Innovation of the Year

Lindner FLEXShell convinced in the category Innovation of the Year and is one of twelve awarded Solutions of the Year. The room-in-room system was developed to guarantee an increased level of health for users in open-plan offices – because the integrated glass wall counteracts the spread of aerosols. But that's not enough: As an individual place of retreat in the office landscape, FLEXShell also ensures privacy without restricting communication and collaboration.

At the same time, the room system can be customised to the user like a mobile phone cover: FLEXShell is movable, open and changeable and can thus be flexibly positioned in the room like a furniture piece. The design functions as a frame: The ceiling and wall can be individually configured and there are no screws on the floor.

In the Spirit of Environmental Protection

In keeping with the principle of recycling, the elements of the room-in-room system can be recycled. The fact that its materiality passes through multiple usage cycles is thus in line with the Cradle to Cradle® standard. In addition, FLEXShell is DGNB and LEED compliant – i.e. particularly environmentally friendly.

Adapted to People!

In architecture, the solitaire is a free-standing building that usually stands out from the surrounding buildings in its conception, it stands out from the surrounding buildings: This creates architectural quality. The FLEXShell takes up this principle and in its design can be integrated into any environment through its modular strategy, thereby creating new environmental quality. Thanks to the principle of identical parts and the modular concept, a FLEXShell You or FLEXShell Jam can be further developed from the basic FLEXShell Pure variant. In this way, every user has the option of creating an individual product entirely according to his or her requirements.