Dual Study Programmes

Combining Theory and Practice

Can't decide between an apprenticeship and a degree? Then do both! With a dual degree, you can combine the benefits of professional practice and academic theory.

How does a Dual Study Programme work?

Basically, a dual study programme is a combination of theoretical and practical phases: After completing the individual examination phase at university, you continue right after with the practical phase at Lindner. As a rule, the fifth semester is a practical semester, meaning you will be in our company the whole semester. On the one hand, you can enjoy student life on campus to the fullest, and on the other hand, you will already have solidified your professional career, are financially independent and gaining important work experience. In other words, you get the best of both worlds!

What Dual Degree Programmes do we offer?

From a Bachelor's in Business Information Systems to a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering: Find the dual degree that suits you best – whether you feel most comfortable at home behind a laptop or in a hard hat on a construction site. 
Here is an Overview of our Bachelor's Programmes:

You can find our current offers for dual study places in our job market! Please make sure you follow the instructions for applying to dual study programs at Universities in the Downloads section – you will need to apply independently to your chosen university.

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Combined or Work-based Studies?

Depending on your ideas and career aspirations, you can choose between a combined degree programme and an in-depth work placement. When choosing a combined programme, you start your training with us a year before you start your degree. At the end of your studies, you will not only have a Bachelor's degree, but also a completed apprenticeship. Instead of an additional apprenticeship, you will deepen your regular Bachelor's degree through intensive practical phases in our company – of course building up on the content of your studies.

When do I have to Apply for a Dual Study Programme?

Our dual study courses start every year on September 1st – because we want to get to know you before the semester starts in October and before you dive into your first phase of studies and university life. To ensure that this goes smoothly, please apply for your preferred place six to twelve months before you plan to start.

Dual vs. Full-time Study

You may be asking yourself: "Why do a sandwich course?" It's quite simple, because compared to a full-time degree, a sandwich course offers a number of advantages:

  • Instead of sitting in a lecture hall like other students, you can put your learnings into practice straight away. That means that not only is your theoretical knowledge consolidated in the shortest possible time, but our dual students also gain valuable work experience during their studies. 
  • Dual study salary: The question that gets often asked: "Will I earn money during a sandwich course?" Of course you can! Unlike a standard degree course, we pay you a monthly tuition fee, which increases from year one to year four. We will also pay your student union fees.
  • Two degrees in one? With our dual study programmes, you can, for example, train to become a dry construction fitter and at the same time complete a bachelor's degree in interior design at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. 
  • From a dual study place to a permanent position: On successful completion of their studies, we offer our students a full-time, permanent position in one of our many entry-level occupations.
  • Good study conditions: Universities with dual study programmes offer excellent study conditions – as do our partner universities TH Deggendorf, OTH Regensburg, the universities of Landshut, TH Rosenheim and DHBW Mosbach. 

What Advantages can you expect as a Dual Student (m/f/d) with us?

  • Your (professional) home: Our affordable student apartments at our Arnstorf location offer you a place to retreat during your studies – and in the immediate vicinity of our company.
  • Personal development and training are very important to us – that's why we offer a wide range of training opportunities to help you get the best out of yourself.
  • Want to spend your holidays all over Europe? With our 14 Lindner holiday homes, you can go on holiday with your family and friends free of charge in seven countries around the world.
  • We love to celebrate – whether it's your graduation or our Lindner company party: There's never a dull moment with our many events.
  • You will receive financial support: In addition to your monthly training allowance, we will also pay your student union fee!
  • Many other benefits are waiting for you!