Holiday Jobs

You want to work during the holidays to experience the working world and earn some pocket money? No problem! With a holiday job at Lindner, you can get your first glimpse of the working world and support us in areas such as production, agriculture or in the office. 

WANTED: Holiday work?

We have a wide range of holiday jobs for school and university students: This allows you to combine your interest in a particular subject with your first work experience in a commercial, manual work or technical area. 

Benefits of a Holiday Job

In addition to gaining your first work experience, holiday jobs offer many other benefits, such as making it easier to choose a career, making contacts and getting to know the processes within a company. In just a short amount of time, you will learn to go beyond yourself and broaden your professional and personal horizon!

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Working During the Holidays at Lindner

You would like to know more about on how to apply for a holiday job, the duration of the holiday job and the overall requirements? Then head this way:

How do I Apply for Holiday Jobs?

To consider your holiday job application, we need a detailed CV about you and your skills. Also include a school or university enrolment certificate with your application. You can send your application for a holiday job directly to

When can I Apply for a Vacation Work? 

In general, you can work for us during the usual school holidays and lecture-free periods. However, we should receive your application at least eight weeks before the desired start date. Together with you, we will arrange an individual plan for the length of time you will be with us.

What are our Requirements for a Holiday Job?

The legal minimum age for holiday jobs is 15: For this reason, we only offer holiday jobs to young people who are at least 15 years old.

In which Areas are Holiday Jobs Available at Lindner?

We offer most holiday jobs in our production or carpentry departments: Here you can put your manual skills to the test. Nevertheless, you can also work in our office during the holidays: Depending on the needs of our specialist departments, we are looking for dedicated holiday workers to help us with a wide range of projects.