Working Student Job

The Right Practical Experience

Just sitting in a lecture hall all day long? We have something better: How about being involved in the construction of a lecture hall for a change! And with that we don't just mean building colleges and universities, but also many other exciting construction projects.

Work alongside Your Studies

As a working student (m/f/d) you work during the semester alongside your lectures or in the semester break. You are permanently assigned to a project or department and completely get to know the field of activity from scratch. After a short time, you will assume responsibility for your own tasks and have the opportunity to put your ideas into practice. Interested? Simply apply via our job market or with a speculative application. 

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In our working student programme, you gain valuable experience, enjoy a change from your theoretical studies and get to know the practical background to your knowledge. At Lindner, you will become a full member of our large corporate family: We will take you into our world of projects, always have an open door for you and your concerns and give you the opportunity to make a difference. A job as a working student at Lindner means getting involved – in all areas!

How many Hours Am I allowed to Work as a Working Student?

According to the legal regulations, you may not work more than 20 hours per week as a student trainee during the lecture period. During the semester break, however, you are allowed to work more than 20 hours per week. You can decide exactly how many hours and on which days you would like to work in consultation with us – after all, your studies should still be your first priority and should not conflict with your work-study.

How much Can I Earn as a Working Student?

Students are allowed to earn up to 520 euros per month as a working student without paying social security contributions. In this case, you remain covered by your parents' family insurance through the statutory health insurance fund. The earnings limit of 520 euros also applies to Bafög recipients. BUT: If you want to earn more, most health insurance companies offer special rates for working students that are cheaper than the normal health insurance. In addition, your salary is usually tax-free – at least if you stay under the annual tax-free allowance of 10,908 euros. 

What Requirements Do I Have to Meet as a Working Student?

That depends on the area you want to work in and the position. In general, you have to be enrolled at a university and have not yet completed your studies. In addition, your studies should match the working student job and you should already have some background knowledge. 

What Benefits Do I Have as a Working Student?

  • After consultation with your manager, it is possible in many divisions to work from home after the induction phase. 
  • Working students assisting the construction/project management receive a meal allowance in addition to their salary. 
  • You will gain a lot of professional experience, make new contacts and have the best chances of working with us in the context of your final thesis or even for a permanent employment.
  • Many other benefits such as flexitime, our in-house gym or various events are waiting for you!