Construction Product Development

From Concept to Reality

Is there no suitable product on the market for your specific needs yet? No problem, our motto is: if it doesn't fit, we'll make it fit! Our product designers, CAD technicians, and developers transform your ideas into a finished product. In the shortest possible time, we carry out complex product development, testing, and material sampling in the areas of metal, wood, plastic, and customised construction. We can immediately implement all theoretical plans, specifications and results in the form of hand, utility and functional samples as well as prototypes, mock-ups and mould models in a practical manner.

Optimal Conditions for Your New Development

In our internal experimental workshop with state-of-the-art technical equipment, we have everything we need for developing new products and custom solutions. In our own design office, we also support you in creating specifications, planning, conceptualising, and construction. Starting with a sketch, drawing, a performance description, or simply an idea, we model your visions using parametric CAD design programs.

Our Services:

  • Classic new development of construction products
  • Construction product testing
  • Material sampling and prototype construction
  • CAD planning and construction
  • Algorithmic planning/Generative Design
  • 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping
  • 3D Visualisation
Research and Development

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We plan, organise, develop, model and test – and we do this for facades, ceiling, floor, wall and room systems, special doors, consumer goods, heating and cooling technology and special constructions. We support you from the initial idea through development planning to product familiarisation and sales support. 

Building product testing

Various standards and legal regulations apply to all construction products and materials: These must be implemented without fail. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can also react quickly to new regulations. Beyond the legal requirements, we always aim to provide our customers with the best possible solution. Therefore, we test our products in terms of fire and smoke protection, acoustics and sound insulation, structural integrity, cooling capacity and much more.

Sampling and prototyping

In our own test workshop, we produce small series, sample cases, functional models, mock-ups, customer and sales samples, project samples, etc. for a wide variety of products and projects. We produce all the necessary drawings and designs and procure the required materials and components.

CAD planning and design

Whether it's a complete construction or a detailed solution – we have the tools for precise 3D-CAD modelling! We use Autodesk AutoCAD for 2D drawings, Autodesk INVENTOR and Rhinoceros for 3D drawings, Autodesk 3ds Max Design for 3D visualisations and Autodesk Revit. We support you in all matters, from project planning for the façade to production and assembly planning to special profiles and designs as well as production planning and control.

Algorithmic planning/generative design

Complex problems require customised solutions: We use algorithmic planning for this. After a detailed data analysis and visualisation, we can generate all production data. This provides you with data that was previously not visible. We also use generative design to simulate various situations and carry out feasibility analyses.

3D printing/rapid prototyping

Thanks to 3D printing and rapid prototyping, we can give you an idea of your product or project in the shortest possible time: We take care of process selection (SLA, FDM), material consulting, design optimisation and testing for printability.

3D Visualisation 

We are happy to create visual representations of products, planned projects, or prototypes on the computer and transform them into photorealistic renderings. This way, we make your ideas, concepts, and visions tangible – whether in terms of architecture, products, systems, or technical illustrations.