Research & Development

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The Lindner Group's Research and Development department consists of 200 employees – including engineers, designers, building technicians, construction physicists, interior construction specialists, metalworkers, and many other fields of expertise. Our strength lies in the development of new products and even more so in mastering project-specific technical challenges: "Building with new solutions". We combine the know-how from various engineering disciplines, experience from thousands of projects, and our expertise as a product manufacturer.

Research & Development

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Our products stand for sustainable building and high manufacturing quality. We don't just claim this, we can also prove it with certificates, tests, and datasheets. Each product undergoes a thorough inspection with regard to relevant standards and building regulations and, of course, your desired specifications. With our own testing facilities, a reliable network of partners (material testing institutes and universities), and an unparalleled range of manufacture, we can ensure all products are matched with each other and with the specific circumstances of the project.

Specially Developed for You 

Despite our extensive product portfolio, there may be instances where our standard products do not fully meet your individual requirements. That is why we offer customised special solutions in nearly all areas: Experienced CAD technicians and product designers bring your idea to paper, while competent developers and engineers ensure its realistic implementation. To better visualise the solution for your project, we are happy to present an accurate sample. It goes without saying that our customised designs are also extensively tested and checked.

Uniting Various Requirements

As you can see: We design, construct, and dimension steel structures, glass façades, aluminium constructions, delicate lightweight constructions, and custom constructions of all kinds from scratch – for both interiors and exteriors, as well as complete buildings. We not only ensure a pleasant acoustic environment and thermal comfort but also focus particularly on your safety: with solid structural engineering, robust fire protection, and sophisticated safety technology. This includes all requirements regarding burglary, radiation, and explosion protection, panic and emergency exits, as well as fall, earthquake, and ball impact safety.

Years of experience, large capacities, and a broad network of partners form the foundation for implementing complex construction projects. In close collaboration with you, we meticulously and swiftly handle projects worldwide, turning even the most extraordinary projects into visible successes!