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For more than 55 years, we have been synonymous with coordinated products and custom project solutions, particularly when it comes to room acoustics. Our own research and development department takes care of the complete implementation of your acoustic requirements – and we do this worldwide, for both large and small projects. Thus, we offer you professional consultancy, tailored product development, manufacturing, and installation all from a single source. We also monitor and adjust the actual effectiveness of our products with appropriate testing procedures during the usage phase.

Our services related to building acoustics and room acoustics include:

  • Specialist assessment of room situations and constructions 
  • Acoustic measurements confirmed by an accredited testing laboratory 
  • Planning and development of individual project solutions 
  • Market-ready implementation of products and custom solutions
Room Acoustics & Structural Acoustics

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Optimal acoustics are a key factor for well-being in buildings: if neglected, it not only affects the concentration and productivity of building users but also leads to stress and, in the worst case, to health issues. For this reason, room and building acoustics are becoming increasingly important. With our custom acoustic concepts, we provide comprehensive noise protection, pleasant reverberation times, and high speech intelligibility – including precise soundproofing evidence and sound insulation reports by a testing laboratory.

Your strong partner for soundproofing and acoustics

As a full-service provider, we competently support you from the initial consultation to the development and implementation of individual project and product developments. With our own acoustic calculation, we also provide a competent planning tool for professional offices. All our products are developed and tested according to international country-specific standards - such as DIN, EN, ISO, and ASTM. Here we cooperate with various accredited testing facilities and research institutions. However, our claim is to offer more than just the legal minimum sound insulation: the level of soundproofing is oriented towards the needs of our customers and the respective rooms. With individually tailored solutions, we contain airborne and structure-borne sound and optimise reverberation time and speech intelligibility.

Custom solutions for diverse requirements

Whether soundproof doors, acoustic walls, acoustic ceilings, floors with sound insulation, or other acoustic elements – we find the right soundproofing solution for every room. We know that no project is like another. Depending on the type of use, building shape, and construction method, the acoustic requirements vary significantly. For example, the demands on soundproofing and acoustics in an office differ fundamentally from those in an airport or concert hall – that's why we treat each project separately and create custom solutions upon request.

Acoustic optimisation thanks to targeted soundproofing products

With our wide range of products and verified acoustic evidence for room and building acoustics, we cater specifically to individual needs. Our sound-insulating ceiling and wall systems minimize noise transmission both within and between rooms, promoting a quiet working atmosphere. In addition, our soundproof doors ensure that noise and disturbances stay outside, preserving concentration inside. By using high-performance insulating materials and sophisticated constructions, our products can effectively absorb and reflect sound depending on the building type, with the specific soundproofing properties tailored to the nature of the sound and the requirements of each individual project.

Room Acoustics
Building Acoustics