Room Acoustics

We bring peace and quiet to your rooms

The design of modern office environments is all about open coworking spaces and flexibility. It is not just aesthetics that are important here: room acoustics are particularly crucial for a high level of employee satisfaction and productivity – especially in areas where teamwork and concentration are required. Acoustic well-being and the ability to concentrate and perform are dependent on sound insulation and sound absorption.

Lindner draws on many years of extensive expertise and practical experience and offers customised solutions for every room. 

  • Determination of room acoustic parameters
  • Determination of reverberation times in rooms (spatial decay)
  • Advice and support for the acoustic optimisation of rooms of all types and sizes
  • Project-specific design/calculation of absorption and reflection behaviour of surfaces and furnishings
  • Conception of special constructions and product development 
  • Use of sound absorbers for targeted sound reduction - reduction of reverberation time and noise level 

You can also use our room acoustics calculator (link?) find the right Lindner products for your room quick and easy.

Room Acoustics & Structural Acoustics

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Acoustically optimising projects

Sound absorption is part of room acoustics – this means that absorbers can be used retrospectively for acoustic optimisation. The aim of room acoustics is to ensure the desired acoustic quality, where the focus is usually on flawless speech communication and the limitation of the reverberation time required for this is of central importance. In order to ensure a high acoustic quality for the planned use of a room, various designs and areas of application of acoustic elements on the floor, ceiling and walls are utilised. These elements offer maximum planning freedom thanks to customised solutions that are tailored specifically to the requirements and design of the room in question. Sound-absorbing systems now also enable sophisticated design solutions, meaning that room acoustics are receiving increasing attention in architecture. Various materials and surfaces make it possible to create an impressive design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our solutions for your acoustics

Good room acoustics are crucial for well-being and concentration indoors. To minimise unwanted echoes and noise, sound distribution, speech intelligibility and reverberation time are important factors. Lindner is on hand with innovative acoustic solutions: customised wall and ceiling absorbers help to improve room acoustics in a targeted manner.

Soft surfaces or sound absorbers absorb (i.e. swallow) sound, i.e. they absorb some of the sound energy. The modular MUTE+ ceiling and wall absorbers impress with their recyclable textile design: the acoustic absorbers for ceilings and walls are available in various shapes, colours and sizes and ensure shorter reverberation times and better speech intelligibility in all rooms. Lindner Plus Acoustic and Lindner Logic 100 system partition walls complete the portfolio and are available in a variety of materials such as metal, textile and wood, so that they fit harmoniously into any room concept and offer excellent soundproofing properties at the same time. 

Whether for optimising acoustics in open-plan office areas or in meeting rooms, the combination of aesthetics, sustainability and functionality makes our products an ideal choice for an improved working atmosphere.