Fire Protection and Smoke Protection

Optimum Safety in the Event of Fire

Better safe than sorry – that's why we at Lindner focus on preventive fire and smoke protection. We offer expert advice on all aspects of fire protection for your building, provide specialist planning for preventive fire protection and create fire protection visualisations for escape, rescue route and fire brigade plans. Of course, everything is tested and certified: We guarantee reliable verification in accordance with national building regulations, carry out the appropriate fire protection tests and assess problems with expert reports as publicly appointed and sworn experts.


  • many years of fire protection experience with our own and third-party products
  • high level of Lindner fire protection expertise from numerous project solutions
  • fire-resistant construction products and designs developed and manufactured in-house
  • comprehensive fire protection systems from design to installation
  • tailor-made fire protection constructions for all customer requirements
  • reliable verification – both technical and formal – structural fire protection for various systems, special buildings and building technology
Fire Protection

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Fire protection is becoming increasingly important as buildings grow in size and complexity: After all, a fire carries a high potential for damage to life, health and property. That is why we apply our specialist knowledge and many years of experience to this issue, developing bespoke fire protection designs and using products from leading manufacturers. We look at the building as a whole and increase the safety of all building classes – through reliable construction supervision, property monitoring and cross-trade fire protection concepts. Naturally, this expertise is also applied to our international projects, both in new and existing buildings.

We Leave Nothing to Chance!

All components used in the design and manufacture of our fire protection systems are approved and used in accordance with their suitability certificates. In addition, we work closely with official material testing institutes and the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) to ensure that new developments and project-specific special solutions undergo independent fire and safety testing.

Lack of Fire Protection? Fire Risk!

Thanks to the close cooperation between our specialist departments and the use of our own (fire protection) products in the areas of dry construction, floors, ceilings, walls and doors, we can safely solve even the most demanding, individual challenges. But see for yourself!

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