Workplace Innovation

The Focus is on the Human Being

In order to remain successful, competitive and attractive to employees, companies are looking for suitable solutions for modern working environments. These should be appealing and motivating as well as functional and flexible. Our Workplace Innovation section helps you make your office ready for the future.

Modern Office Environments

Lindner's experience and expertise in the construction process makes us a valuable partner for architects and interior designers in the development of "Modern Working Environments". We offer concrete answers to a wide range of questions on the topics of AccousticsRoom climate, Light, adaptable space design, sustainable building and also execution and costs. We will accompany you from the first idea to the office fit-out and create new office trends and innovative utilisation concepts together with you.

Creating Add.Vantage

With simulations and spatial representations, we give all those involved the necessary security to carry out a successful, joint change process even before the introduction of the new workplace concept. Through the subsequent measurement of success, companies receive feedback on the newly created workplaces as well as their impact. In addition to creating a modern workplace in terms of functionality and appearance, Lindner Workspaces also offer convincing additional benefits for employees and the company:

For employees

  • healthier and livelier working environment
  • optimised space between collaboration and retreat possibilities
  • a sense of belonging through teamwork, participation and equal rights
  • higher identification with the employer
  • increased productivity and simplified knowledge exchange

For entrepreneurs

  • higher employee motivation and identification
  • reduction of space costs
  • optimisation of processes and organisation
  • intensive knowledge exchange
  • strengthening of the employer brand
Working Environments

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Space for New Work

The current age is characterised by the term New Work – digitalisation and globalisation in particular are playing an ever-increasing role in the world of work. With the help of New Work concepts, a new way of working is being aimed for, in which work is interpreted differently and priorities are redefined. The "work of the future" aims to improve a wide range of areas: 

  • increased creativity and productivity thanks to improved communication and teamwork
  • agile working and efficient use of space
  • increased efficiency of the organisation through improved structures
  • creation of a healthy living space, mix between living and working
  • expression of an attractive employer brand

Lindner – Construction from a single Source

The focus is on creating one or more agile workplaces: From the perspective of new-work concepts, these should be able to adapt individually to people: More room for flexibility and for the development of individual strengths. As a partner for innovative office concepts, we support you in building your new workspace. In addition to cross-trade competencies and many years of expertise, Lindner scores above all with an extensive, coordinated product portfolio:

  • 3D office planning with the aid of BIM 
  • comfortable room climate thanks to ventilation systems and heated/chilled ceilings
  • Acoustic and soundproofing concepts ensure optimal noise protection
  • Structural Fire Protection guarantees safety in case of fire
  • easy compliance with Hygiene measures thanks to FLEXup OptiSpace
  • Lindner Partition Wall Systems enable a quick response to spatial changes

Innovative Office Concepts: Sustainable, Digital & Efficient

We have practical methods at our disposal to develop an optimal concept with our customers, architects and the building users – for all rooms of a building or for partial areas – regardless of whether it is a new building, a building extension or a conversion. As a developer and manufacturer of customised products for interior design, we meet all requirements in every construction phase.