Industrial Climbing

Head for heights

Areas where scaffolding is not possible are installed, repaired, maintained and inspected by our experienced industrial climbing team.

By training our employees to the FISAT Level 3, every application is possible. Continuous personnel training guarantees the highest level of occupational safety for our team.

For special construction projects where the use of a scaffold, construction hoist or other height access type is not economically viable or feasible, industrial climbers have many advantages:
  • Minimizes personnel, materials and time
  • Minimal preparation time
  • No further authorizations such as traffic blocking required
  • No damage or alteration of structures or substances
  • Easy on the environment

We can connect our scaffold assembly with our climbing team for industrial, facade and offshore scaffolding.

Services for vertical height access:
  • Construction hoists and winches
  • Scaffolding stairs
  • Stair towers

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