Our Visions

Our Visions for Lindner Group

  • Lindner is THE reliable community of competent, open-minded, innivative and down-to-earth people who enjoy performance and success
  • Lindner is adding value – today and for a world worth living in the future
  • Lindner is convincing through performance and is always one step ahead
  • Lindner is DIFFERENT – always in the most positive sense

Our Visions for the Business Field Construction

  • Lindner focuses on the environment, people and health
  • Lindner is the best employer with the best employees
  • Lindner is innovation leader in the construction industry
  • Lindner is the leading company in fit-out, building envelope and MEP systems
  • Lindner designs, plans, produces, delivers and builds in its entirety
  • Lindner is leading in digital solutions for the construction industry
  • Lindner stands for agility, efficiency and reliability
  • Lindner lives its values

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