Structural Design and Statics

Properly Dimensioned

With our own research and development department, we have years of expertise in designing, planning, and calculating aluminium and lightweight structures, facades, steel constructions, various special structures and much more. We generate the required calculations for the load-bearing capacity and structural stability of a building – always in close collaboration with our clients and partners.

Solid Statics for Safe Construction 

The foundation of the static calculations is based on assumptions about loads and load-bearing capacities, as well as various calculation models. In our structural engineering, we take into consideration the aspects of structural safety, serviceability, durability, cost-effectiveness and aesthetics – and this is for the entire lifespan of the building or product. Naturally, this is always while observing country-specific standards, specifications and international projects every day – and we remain flexible throughout: Potential changes are implemented quickly and easily during the construction phase, no matter where in the world.

Our Services in the Field of Structural Design and Statics: 

  • steel construction 
  • glass and façade construction 
  • interior finish and drywall 
  • component testing 
  • timber and solid construction 
  • photovoltaic construction 
  • seismic design 
  • special construction 
  • CAT III check
  • bomb-blast-test
Structural Engineering

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We handle the structural design for a wide range of services: From steel construction to timber and solid construction, as well as special constructions. In this process, we also carry out specific tests, such as for seismic design or bomb resistance. With the help of CAT III checks, we ensure that the final construction plans and functional specifications are precisely verified through comparative calculations – we leave nothing to chance!

Steel Construction 

From design to development to final construction: We are your strong partner for building halls, complex special solutions, or even thin-walled individual elements, and much more. Thanks to continuous training in various fields, modern technical equipment and an experienced team, we are experts in conventional steel construction, lightweight steel construction, corrosion protection and high-temperature design.

Glass and Facade Construction 

No project is too big or small for us: We handle contracts in every building category – whether skyscrapers as residential or office buildings, hotels or public structures. Our specialty includes all forms of facades and glass roofs, as well as partition walls.

Interior Finish and Drywall

We not only manufacture diverse solutions from floor to ceiling, but we also check the statics of these systems. Special requirements are no problem either: We carry out structural planning for special solutions, cleanrooms, concert halls, subway stations, airports and much more.

Timber and Solid Construction

In the field of timber/solid construction, we provide safety certificates for wooden halls and roof trusses, perform concrete measurements for small and medium-sized constructions and calculate the statics for single-family houses in timber frame construction.

Component Testing

Component tests are always helpful in the development of prototypes, component sizing and the analytical calculation of component behaviour. With our large, well-equipped test rooms and our workshop for creating test objects, we carry out professional tests. For testing and monitoring as well as the appropriate documentation, we work with reputable external service providers.