Quality creates trust

Whether for new constructions, repairs or restoration works, we offer you a tailor-made solution for your facade projects. Specialties such as bridging and complete scaffoldings with nets or tarpaulins also belong to our offer. For undertaking special challenges in building construction, we have a team of highly skilled industrial climbers.

With weather-resistant roofs made from aluminium with a span of up to 40 m, we keep your project running! In addition to aluminium, we can also use weather protection trusses, cedar systems, and scaffolding tarpaulins. These protect your building project and ensure efficient order processing, as well as better utilization of employees and equipment, whatever the weather.

We design our workflows with professionalism and efficiency. The short-term availability of construction site personnel and materials, tried and tested international logistics, and guiding hands of our competent project managers ensure your project’s success.

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Nos projets à travers le monde

Autour du monde et de retour à notre patrie d'Arnstorf : Avec nos projets de construction, nous sommes présent presque partout! Qu'il s'agisse d'une nouvelle construction ou d'une rénovation, d'un aménagement intérieur, d'une enveloppe de bâtiment ou d'une isolation - nos références sont un mélange coloré de nouveaux défis et de résultats impressionnants.