Building climate control

Thermally balanced

The demands on climate, comfort, energy balance and functionality are increasing – both for interiors and for building envelopes. Thermal building physics is therefore concerned with optimising moisture and heat transport in buildings and within building components. The aim is to avoid damage caused by building moisture and the effects of temperature and to minimise heat loss via the building envelope by coordinating across all trades. An energy-saving and energy-efficient design is becoming increasingly important, particularly in terms of sustainability.

Perfectly tested

Tailored to your individual requirements and country-specific standards, we offer you numerous services relating to building climate control: For example, we handle window and façade tests on our own façade test bench as well as at recognised testing institutes. In addition, we ensure the quality of our products by having them carefully tested and measured by testing institutes – so that your building is optimally equipped for any weather conditions!

Our services:

  • Thermal insulation and moisture protection
  • Energy consulting
  • Planning
  • Airtightness and driving rain tightness for the building envelope, windows and façade
  • Thermal comfort
Research and Development

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Optimised building climate control requires sound planning and testing: Particularly in the areas of façade and interior construction, but also for various special solutions, we advise and support you in the design, production and installation. Energy-efficient and sustainable construction is just as important to us as your well-being!

Thermal insulation and moisture protection

To ensure that your building has the best thermal insulation, we support you in the investigation of thermal bridges and in the energy-efficient component optimisation of window frame and façade profiles and their component connection situations. With regard to moisture protection, we use simulation-supported software to test our products for surface condensation and condensate formation within the building structure: because only a condensation-free construction of all components and connections can prevent structural damage and mould formation in the long term.

Energy consulting

With the help of renewable energies and low energy requirements, our buildings should become as climate-neutral as possible. But what is the best way to achieve this? We advise you on energy-efficient construction methods draw up energy performance certificates for residential and non-residential buildings and calculate the heat loss through your building envelope. We also carry out thermal bridge calculations, U-value calculations and other thermal calculations and develop cost-effective improvement measures.

Window and curtain wall testing

Our windows and façades are tested for air permeability, driving rain tightness, resistance to wind load and impact resistance in accordance with country-specific standards. For an airtight building envelope, for example, we carry out so-called blower door tests: These reveal leaking connections in good time and thus indicate whether the airtight layer has been installed correctly or not. All window and façade tests are verified in accordance with the relevant testing and classification standards.

Thermal comfort

Nowadays, rooms must not only be functional, but also offer users a high feel-good factor: This also includes a cosy indoor climate. The comfort zone is a zone in which the room climate triggers satisfaction and well-being for most of the people in the room. Outside this zone, concentration and performance may be impaired. To avoid this, we test the air conditioning technology using various parameters: We calculate the PMV/PPD, continuously measure and analyse the air values, determine local discomfort and carry out turbulence measurements of the room air.