More than just a Room Finish

For a perfect room appearance, everything from the floor to the ceiling must be in harmony: That's why we rely on comprehensive, functional and aesthetic ceiling systems from our own production. A wide range of standard systems can improve acoustics, create a pleasant indoor climate or provide reliable fire protection in an emergency. In addition, the systems can be adapted to your needs in terms of design and materials. Lindner offers fully coordinated ceiling solutions – all from a single source.

  • acoustically effective ceiling systems
  • reliable solutions for fire protection, ball impact safety, etc.
  • maximum comfort with our heated/chilled ceilings
  • a wide range of architectural and design options
  • easy to clean and durable
  • easy integration of Lindner luminaires
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold and Silver awards for many systems

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We offer everything you need for an attractive ceiling system: From classic metal ceilings to fire rated metal ceilings and heated/chilled ceilings to elegant ceiling cladding and a wide range of equipment. Modern production facilities, certified quality and experienced engineers meet even the highest demands. 

With Lindner, you don't have to choose between aesthetic design, pleasant acoustics, sustainable construction, a comfortable indoor climate or maximum safety: We will work with you to find the optimum solution for all requirements – whether in offices, government buildings, airports, sports centres, etc.

Individual Design

The wide range of design options makes Lindner ceiling systems a real eye-catcher: By integrating luminaires, you can create self-contained systems that bathe your room in pleasant light. A wide range of ceiling finishes extends the scope for design and allows individual adaptation to your rooms and ideas. 

Ceiling Systems for Acoustic Comfort

Perforated acoustic ceiling panels provide optimum sound absorption without compromising on appearance. Special acoustic inserts further improve sound absorption. Tailored to your requirements and applications, we can offer you certified acoustic ceilings that achieve high sound absorption classes, optimum reverberation times and an ideal sound absorption coefficient.

Fire Protection for Ceilings

We care about your safety, which is why we use advanced fire rated metal ceilings in certified fire resistance classes F 30, F 90, EI 30, EI 90 and VKF. In the event of a fire, they protect installations in the ceiling cavity and escape routes, giving occupants sufficient time to escape to safety. Our fire protection systems have been tested by various institutes and are covered by a general test certificate issued by the building authorities. Pay attention to fire protection – it will pay off in an emergency!

Efficient Heating and Cooling

With our Plafotherm® heated and chilled ceilings, we create a pleasant indoor climate: Thanks to a surface heating and cooling system integrated into the ceiling panel, heat or cold is transferred via a closed water circuit. This means that there are no unpleasant draughts, but the room is heated or cooled by heat supply or heat absorption. This type of air conditioning is also particularly energy-efficient because the intelligently controlled ceilings react dynamically and in a targeted manner.

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Nos projets à travers le monde

Autour du monde et de retour à notre patrie d'Arnstorf : Avec nos projets de construction, nous sommes présent presque partout! Qu'il s'agisse d'une nouvelle construction ou d'une rénovation, d'un aménagement intérieur, d'une enveloppe de bâtiment ou d'une isolation - nos références sont un mélange coloré de nouveaux défis et de résultats impressionnants.