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Cleanliness Down to the Last Detail

Lindner SE | Clean Room is one of the leading full-service suppliers of cleanrooms, laboratory systems, and operating theatre equipment in the pharmaceutical, sterile, and operating theatre technology sectors, as well as in microelectronics and semiconductor technology. With around 40 years of experience, we can support you throughout the entire construction process: Our services range from consulting and planning of cleanrooms to maintenance and service.

  • GMP and DIN-EN-ISO-14644 compliant execution
  • complete project management including manufacturing, installation, and service
  • extensive range of products manufactured in-house
  • custom solutions also available

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Our Clean Room Products

From cleanroom ceilings, walls, doors, and floors to cleanroom luminaires and various accessories such as cleanroom air locks and ventilation systems – we offer you a complete cleanroom fit-out from a single source. Thanks to our above-average production capabilities, you also benefit from maximum flexibility for project-related special solutions. Tested and certified, of course: Our in-house research and development department develops economical and efficient solutions in terms of design, technical infrastructure, and safety-related issues such as fire protection, sound insulation, and statics. We pay close attention to your individual cleanroom requirements and guarantee GMP and DIN EN ISO 14644 compliant execution.

Expertise in Project Management and Installation

We take care of the whole process of building your cleanrooms: Not only do we manage the project, but we also manufacture our products in our own production facilities and carry out the subsequent assembly and service. This ensures that the high quality of our products is showcased to its fullest potential. Over the years, we have accumulated numerous references, including many large-scale projects. Explore our wide range of services on our reference page and see for yourself!


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Nos projets à travers le monde

Autour du monde et de retour à notre patrie d'Arnstorf : Avec nos projets de construction, nous sommes présent presque partout! Qu'il s'agisse d'une nouvelle construction ou d'une rénovation, d'un aménagement intérieur, d'une enveloppe de bâtiment ou d'une isolation - nos références sont un mélange coloré de nouveaux défis et de résultats impressionnants.