Interior Fit-out and Furnishings

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For decades, Lindner Group has carried out interior fit-out work for renowned architects and clients. The Group’s capabilities and experience in interior fit-out and furnishings enable large-scale projects to be carried out to the highest standards, and within the given cost and time frames.
Contemporary buildings combine functionality with economy and aesthetics. Our engineers and technicians ensure your ideas are safely implemented into their creative designs. The composite materials that we use allow us to combine requirements that might otherwise seem contradictory – such as refining interiors with real wood surfaces – while meeting strict acoustic and fire protection requirements. Lindner FIREwood makes anything possible – you can have genuine wood-veneered cladding in meeting areas and escape and rescue routes.
We have solutions for even the most demanding structural conditions. Our COMP+ lightweight panels for walls and ceilings are light, stable and high-quality. COMP+ adheres to acoustic and fire protection requirements, which makes COMP+ an ideal composite material for exclusive interior fit-outs, as well as for custom-made and large-format  applications.
Our fire protection doors and sound protection doors, such as our double-leaf T90 wooden doors and elegant niche doors, are the perfect finishing touches for your interior.
It is important to us that we fulfil our clients’ demands for design and engineering, structural analysis, acoustics and fire protection. This broad portfolio is proof of our ability to deliver individual concepts, special design solutions, and tried-and-tested products.

Choose Lindner Interior Fit-out and Furnishings for your project


  • Design, functionality, materials, and building physics 
  • Project-related custom solutions 
  • Prototypes and patterns


  • In close cooperation with customers
  • Construction documentation and execution 
  • Detailed operational charts


  • Carried out by experienced specialists
  • Three facilities specialised in wood products 


  • Project managers experienced in handling large-scale projects
  • Quality, cost and schedule control throughout the construction process
Interior Fit-out and Furnishings

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