Always Keeping the Environment in Mind

Recycling management, climate neutrality and energy efficiency: Our passion is also reflected in our products and services.

Promoting Diversity and Well-Being!

Through social commitment, company health management and much more, we ensure the safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers


Out of Responsibility for Future Generations

We are aware that our business decisions, activities and products have a significant impact on nature and our society – whether it's in choosing our locations and production sites, fostering long-term loyalty of our employees, or developing resource-saving products. Sustainability has been an important guiding principle of our corporate philosophy for decades.

With our products, projects and services, we create something lasting and actively contribute to shaping our environment - in construction, through our foundation work, in our own hotel group, in our own breweries and in agriculture and forestry.

Green Building

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Putting People and Nature in the Focus

For the environment and our entire supply chain, as well as for our employees around the world: We always prioritise health, safety and well-being – because great ideas and projects can only be implemented if our own employees are convinced of them. Transparent and ethical corporate governance not only contributes to sustainable development, health and a stable public welfare, but also fulfill our social responsibility.

Creating Sustainability with Lindner

In order to give something back to the environment, we ensure the responsible use of resources, healthy materials and closed cycles in the production of our system products – such as our climate-neutral floor systems made from recycled paper. We manufacture our products in our own factories, most of which are located in Germany. This enables us to respond quickly and individually to customer requirements. The energy-efficient, climate-neutral, sustainable and closed-loop orientation of our product portfolio is guided by Cradle to Cradle Certified®, among other things.

Quality Management at the Highest Level

We do not settle for the standard, but strive for continuous improvement: We deliver our customers the highest quality and conscientiously fulfil all contractual and legal requirements. The safety of our customers, employees and third parties is always our top priority. We therefore continually review our processes in all areas of our business through comprehensive quality management and audits.