Safety Technology

Invisible Hero During Construction

Safety is a comprehensive and multifaceted issue in the construction industry – affecting both new buildings and renovations. As a full-service provider, we also support you in building protection, and handle everything from consulting on safety requirements and structural engineering to the manufacture of specialised solutions that are earthquake and explosion-proof. We take care of the entire implementation of your safety specifications.

Innovation and Expertise for Comprehensive Protection

Our expertise is not limited to mere product development. With our interdisciplinary research and development department, we are capable of developing and implementing individual safety concepts for all types of buildings. Our safety engineers always consider the specific requirements and circumstances of each individual project, thus guaranteeing optimal safety solutions with the latest technology and innovative concepts. From test setups and planning to the installation of our safety-engineered products and specialised solutions, we rely on our comprehensive expertise and offer you professional consulting and assembly – all from a single source.

Our Services in the Field of Safety Engineering:

  • test setups and safety tests
  • burglary protection
  • bullet resistance
  • fall protection
  • adiation shielding
  • panic and emergency exits
Research and Development

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We handle the planning and development for a wide range of security solutions: from explosion protection to fall safety. Our products undergo stringent safety tests in which we simulate real threat scenarios. This way, we can ensure that our security solutions will not fail you even in extreme situations – with us, you can feel secure!


In public and security-sensitive buildings like banks, airports or consulates, personal protection – especially against the effects of explosions and associated risks like shrapnel or flying debris – plays a big role. With our projects, we pay attention to international and national standards, implementing them in coordination with the respective authorities. Our products meet high security and quality requirements and have proven themselves in various tests, such as shock-tube-tests, which assess resilience to explosions.

Bullet Resistance

Bullet resistance is essential for buildings with high security risks such as banks or embassies to protect people. The focus here is on the use and coordination of special bullet-resistant materials and structures for windows, doors, walls and ceilings. During ballistic testing, products are shot at with the appropriate weapons and ammunition to check how they withstand the impact or penetration of projectiles. For optimal results, we coordinate the test setup and liaise with the responsible ballistic testing authorities.

Fall Protection

Due to the brittle material properties of glass, its behaviour under strong shock impacts must be considered. To investigate the resilience of windows and glass partition walls, we plan and conduct pendulum impact tests. In this setup, the pendulum body simulates the impact of a human – this way, our glass can be tested under real conditions to meet the highest safety requirements. Safe solutions are created in conjunction with the structural design of the structure.