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Saving electricity made easy: retrofit lighting now

Energy prices have risen many times over in recent months: Between July and September in 2022, the price of short-term electricity on the electricity exchange more than doubled. Therefore, in order to reduce our expenses, it is necessary to save as much energy as possible. This is not only better for our financial situation, but also lowers CO2 emissions in the longer term. By consuming energy sparingly, we are thus promoting a sustainable and resource-conserving approach to our environment. But what is the best way to save electricity?

Lighting systems with conventional fluorescent lamps are a major power guzzler: There is enormous potential for savings – of up to 80% – in converting to modern, energy-saving lighting.

Our experts from the lighting factory have therefore developed energy-saving, customer-specific LED lighting inserts/conversion kits for technical lights such as in office or clean room areas. These are equipped with durable technology and consume only a fraction of the energy consumption of conventional lamps. Thanks to the precision-fit production, the inserts can be installed quickly and easily and existing lights can be converted – an economical and sustainable alternative to buying new lights.

  • reuse of existing luminaire housings and electrical connections
  • customized development and adaptation of lighting technology
  • extension with sensor technology and/or dimming function possible
  • optional with installation/conversion
  • suitable for BAFA funding

We offer retrofits for commercial customers and areas with more than 30 luminaires, i.e. for offices, metal fire protection ceilings and clean rooms.

How exactly does the retrofitting of the lights work?
Is the switch to energy-efficient luminaires subsidised?
What reference projects already exist?
How effective is the installation of LED light inserts/conversion kits?

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